CITB Discounts

We are pleased to be able to offer CITB Discounts on some of our courses to eligible CITB ID Holder.

What is CITB?

CITB is a whole-of-industry-led organisation that provides support to attract, train and retain South Australian building and construction workers by providing leadership in training and skills development.

  • CITB provides training fee subsidies for a wide range of courses to make training more affordable and accessible to the South Australian Building and Construction Industry.
  • Construction workers can access training fee subsidies every financial year.
  • Training is provided by CITB Endorsed Training Providers (ETPs) across metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia.
  • To receive a CITB training fee subsidy you will need an approved CITB number.


Available Discounts

CITB discounts may apply to the following courses:


Course Full Course Fee CITB Training Fee  Subsidy What You Pay
Working at Heights $250.00 $130.00 $120.00

Confined Space (1 Day)

$260.00 $160.00 $100.00

Confined Space and Issued Permits (2 Day)

$400.00 $160.00 $240.00
Confined Space and Gas Testing (2 Day) $400.00 $290.00 $170.00

Yellow Card (Cost includes assessment in a maximum of 2 classes)

$400.00 $260.00


EWP Above 11m $520.00 $300.00 $220.00



Course Full Course Fee CITB Training Fee Subsidy What you pay
HSR Level 1 $880.00 $430.00 $450.00
HSR Level 2 $550.00 $250.00 $300.00
HSR Level 3 $400.00 $230.00 $170.00
JSA/SWMS Workshop $160.00 $70.00 $90.00
Asbestos Awareness $160.00 $60.00 $100.00
Safety Supervisor $400.00 $260.00 $140.00



  • Active CITB ID numbers must be supplied on commencement
  • Discounts only apply on successful completion of a course
  • Discounts may not be applicable for all CITB ID holders

(Apprentices may not be eligible for all courses)

Click here to see if you or your staff are eligible for CITB