Health and Safety Representative Training

It’s important that Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) understand their role and how, where and when to use their legal powers.

To help develop the skills needed to effectively represent workers in their work group, HSRs are entitled to attend approved HSR training and should do so as soon as possible after being elected.

Training entitlements during a 3-year term of office are:

  • First year – 5 days
  • Second year – 3 days
  • Third year – 2 days

The initial 5 days of training must be completed in the first year of office, and then HSRs can select from 3-day and 1-day course options in subsequent years or terms of office. HSRs re-elected for another 3-year term have the same training entitlements. (Information provided by SafeWork SA)

Gramac Training Solutions are the local leaders in SafeWork SA Approved Health and Safety Representative Training. 

Click here to find out more about HSR's from the SafeWork SA website.